Passing out Pieces
Hell of a story, or is it boring?


About me

23 year old, passionate about providing technical solutions to creative challenges, wants to create the perfect animation pipeline


  • Pipeline Development: Demonstrated prowess in using programming to create faster,more robust, and more artist friendly animation pipelines, from assets to lighting.
  • Technical Direction: Experience supporting shows ranging from full length features, to smaller projects with challenging deadlines and schedules.
  • Collaboration: Lead and participated in Task Forces, collaborated with CG Sups, Lead Lighters, R&D and Production to effectively deliver on any and every challenge
  • Python C++ MEL OpenGL HTML/CSS/JS AngularJS Git
  • Maya Nuke Arnold Shotgun DreamWorks’s proprietary Lighting packages



  • Pipeline TD, Mikros Image Animation India, Bangalore,January 2017-present
    • Designing and Developing a Shotgun driven Maya/Arnold/Nuke Animation pipeline over the Mikros VFX Pipeline. Lots of pipeline development around Maya and Shotgun.
    • Working with HODs to establish efficient inner and inter department workflows, combined with artist and production education about Shotgun driven pipelines and best practices.
    • Development of tools to ensure migration of asset data authored at DreamWorks works with the current pipeline. Includes establishing a UDIM based pipeline and ensuring that existing map data can be reused.
  • Pipeline TD Lighting, DreamWorks Animation, Bangalore,December 2015-December 2016
    • Introduced and developed a pipeline for sequence level health assessment to ensure asset readiness before lighting.
    • Worked with CG Sups and Lighting Leads to setup show level rig and optimization workflows, particularly for Crowds, Grass and Foliage, and Character fur LODs.
    • Supported 4 Lighting teams as the TD over the course of production whilst maintaining and developing the global lighting pipeline.
  • Pipeline TD Surfacing, DreamWorks Animation, Bangalore,June 2015-December 2015
    • Developed a pipeline to automate asset porting and LOD generation for all environment assets (unsupported by the show’s pipeline) using the render farm for KFP3: DreamPlace.
    • Wrangled a task force of Modeling/Surfacing/Layout and Lighting to effectively deliver on schedule for the same.
    • Supported Trolls as the Surf TD and ensured optimal delivery of assets and corresponding LODs. Developed web applications to help monitor and expedite deliveries.
  • Pipeline TD Intern Surfacing, DreamWorks Animation, Bangalore,July 2014-December 2014
    • Developed pipeline tools to automate asset porting and installation from legacy shows to next gen shows.
    • Supported Lighting with asset shader conversion, and CTDs with production issues.
  • Google Summer of Code, DreamWorks Animation, Bangalore,April 2014-August 2014
    • Developed a 3D GUI Terrain Editor that allows dynamic terrain modification and painting for Crystal Space, an Open Source C++ 3D Game Engine as a part of the GSoC 2014.

Honors and Accolades

  • Legend of Awesomeness, DreamWorks Animation, Bangalore,November 2016
    • The Awesomeness Award is designed to recognize special contributions, for a specific project or task, accomplished over a relatively short period. Was nominated by the Lighting Department, and was awarded for my contribution to Boss Baby Lighting.


  • B.E. (Hns) Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2011-2015,Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani
    • Courses include Introduction to Programming, Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Programming.

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