Passing out Pieces
Hell of a story, or is it boring?


Hello. I am Soumitra Saxena (pronounced Saw-me-tr). I am 24, and I specialize in tackling challenges related to animation pipelines, and making them better and a lot more artist friendly. I’m currently working as a Pipeline TD with Mikros Image Animation.

The Boring Part -

  • Psst..are you a recruiter ? Check out my awesome resume here.
  • In the past I’ve worked with DreamWorks Animation as a Pipeline TD in their Bangalore studio.
  • My expertise lies in supporting and developing pipelines around Assets (Modeling/Surfacing) and Lighting.
  • I graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani in May 2015 with a B.E. (Hns) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Yup. Did that.

The Interesting part -

  • The Boss Baby, the 6th highest grossing movie of 2017, was my first Hollywood credit as a TD. Check out the awesome trailer here.
  • I have a certificate that says that I am awesome. The folks at DreamWorks were just too kind.
  • When I was at DreamWorks, I brought down their cross site file management system by delivering too much data too quickly. Learned a lot from that.
  • I believe Mac De Marco is one of the best musical acts to come out of this decade, and that Richard Linklater is the best director of all time. Want to debate me? You’re on.
  • I design stuff too! Check out my Behance page!

On a normal weekend, you can find me listening to some Tame Impala, and/or sitting in my balcony being deep and mysterious.